Ah, it's yourself. Thanks for stopping by. So I'm Shane, and this is my teeny little website documenting my journey as a photographer. It was 2008 when I first picked up a camera in earnest. Since then, I have sold, bought, upgraded my whole camera universe as I constantly evolve and look to be better each new day I see. I am currently studying to achieve the Professional Diploma in Photography, with a view to completing a Diploma in Wedding Photography after that. 

For me, the beauty and freedom of photography lies in the fact that you drive yourself, no matter your ability or the technology in your hand, to achieve the perfect photo. You do this under the belief that you are always one photo from achieving that perfect shot. When the reality is that the perfect shot doesn't exist, only the perfect canvas - Life and the world around it. And that's what make you keep on going, knowing the futility of perfection makes you reach for it every time.

My real passion is wildlife photography. There is something exciting to me in capturing an unintrusive moment of life that you just do not see in real-time. There is an unpredictability in wildlife that provides a challenge in capturing the emotion in an animals eyes. A simple photo can present a glimpse into a world we just do not see as we wander through our days.

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