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Updated: Mar 12

Hello. I though I would get the ball rolling and write a blog post. Or a phlog post. Mainly because it will look a little bare here if I don't have something up, and I will eventually have more meaningful posts up.

It's just. Well. This is going to be one of them.

To say sorry, here is a picture of a ram. Or a sheep. Is it sheep for singular? Shaap? Shoop?

We may never truly get to the bottom of that one. What I do intend getting to the bottom of, is this first post. And once I have typed enough words to do so, it shall be done.


I will write my first real post this week. And I thought what my be useful to do, is to show the different lenses I use, and snap a shot of each to give you a sense of change from 12mm all the way up to 600mm.

I tend to get quite excitable about lenses, especially once that just serve no such purpose. My yearning for the fisheye lenses lasted years until I got one. Now that I have it, I rarely use it. But it's there for a purpose, and that is that moment when you need scale and to capture everything. While other lenses, such as my 24mm f1.4, are practically glued to my camera body given the bokeh'licious results.


I am going to get to that this week. Really I am. Maybe. I'll understand if you don't come back. I wouldn't after reading the above. But together we have accomplished something amazing.

We have reached the end of this phlog, or blog, or sheep.

Bottom achieved.

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